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Connection Again.

Save time, money, & never miss a connection again with your new digital business card - BŪP! You only get one first impression, so ditch the paper business cards, and join the future of networking today!

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Purchasing our
BŪP Smart Devices
is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Create your BŪP Card.
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  3. Start Networking!

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Christopher King
Ginger Randall
Jane Shin
Martika Jones
Olga Alcaraz
Christopher King

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Get creative
with your links!

Bring your links to life using our fun editing tools, block options, fonts, colors and content feeds! Then, make them pop with your favorite custom images.


BŪP's tools
make links easy!

Using our analytics tools, you can keep an eye on audience metrics and page performance. Our shortlink generator makes life easier for your audience by keeping your links simple!

Create multiple cards &
manage all of your links.

Create multiple cards for your most important links and favorite things while managing it all from a single dashboard.


Show off your card
with the tap of a BŪP!

Keep all of your links ready for the world to see with BŪP. Using our Smart Devices, a single tap from a phone can show off your BŪP card to anyone, instantly.

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Our Mission

We believe people should be able to network in a post-pandemic society. We also believe people should be able to conserve while networking. That's why we created the last business card you'll ever need - BŪP. BŪP helps you save time, save money, and never miss out on a connection again! Show off your custom profile card that fits your personality and branding while making a lasting impression with a simple tap! Also, every purchase makes a difference as we donate a portion of every order to help plant trees around the world! You only get one first impression. So ditch the paper business cards, and join BŪP - The Future of Networking.

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Why BŪP®?

BŪP is more than just a digital business card. BŪP is your digital first impression. We not only help you save time and money, we give you a memorable first impression so that you’ll never miss a connection again with a single tap!

What are BŪP tags?

BŪP Tags are small tags (sold separately) you can place on the back of your phone (or laptop, counter, etc.) that let you instantly share your BŪP Card just by tapping it to a compatible smartphone! We also provide other BŪP devices like the BŪP Band (wristband) and BŪP Flat (Can go under your phone case).

Does the other person need a BŪP tag to receive my info?

Nope. The other person does not need a BŪP or a BŪP tag to receive your info. That’s what makes us AWESOME!

Do I need a BŪP account to buy a BŪP tag?

Yes, you need to have a registered BŪP account to purchase a BŪP device.

How do I purchase a BŪP tag?

You can purchase BŪP devices via our store on this page. They are sold separately from the subscription plan as they are one-time purchase items. There will be instructions provided for you upon ordering your device.

Can I purchase more than one BŪP tag?

Yes, you can purchase more than one BŪP device (we even offer bundles)!